Terms and conditions

Travelling with your bikes is easy on nearly all of our train services and on many local bus services. To prevent any inconvenience, please follow the regulations:

  • A child's fare for each bike according to the price level of the distance travelled.
  • If you have a TagesTicket Plus (Day Ticket) you can take bikes instead of people. If you have a MobiCard or a JahresAbo Plus you can take 2 bikes instead of people. Please mind cutoff periods.
  • Foldable bikes and bikes smaller than 20 inch are free of charge.
  • Wheelchair users and passengers with pushchairs always have priority.

Your bike has to stay behind:

  • Suburban railway (S-Bahn S-Bahn): during rush hours between 6 to 8 am (mo.-fr.)
  • Regional trains (R-Bahn R-Bahn): during rush hours between 6 to 8 am (mo.-fr.), except if there is a waggon with a Fahrrad sign.
  • If the train or bus is full or there are other conflicts of interest, the staff will decide whether cycles can be carried.
  • If the type of vehicle is not allowed to carry bicycles.